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Delivery protocol - food will be packaged and left outside your door, we will text you upon delivery

During these unprecedented times it is everyone's responsibility to be vigilant and act responsibly.


All of our delicious meals are properly prepared and safely packed for ease of use.   


Below are the major steps we've taken further ensure the safety of your delivered meals beyond our usual strict AHS processes.


  1. Only 2 chefs are accessing our kitchen (Both are on strict isolation outside of our protected work environment.) Everyone else is working from home. 

  2. We are using only 2 of our most trusted suppliers for all our product and having everything delivered and left outside where we receive and process. Please inquire If interested in our suppliers.

  3. Before and after every shift we do a full sanitation of our space beyond our regular AHS routine.

  4. In our facility our food is packed in airtight containers and put into a paper delivery bag. From there, one of our chefs will deliver to your doorstep and text you upon delivery. 


So please enjoy, your food is from a trusted source, thoughtfully prepared and safely delivered.   


Be Safe - Eat Well 

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