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JUNE 2021

Throughout the initial phases of our summer reopening plan, we are fully dedicated to facilitating all of your special occasions through our strict set of service guidelines and protocols. Below are the steps we're taking to ensure the safety of your delivered meals and catered events, beyond our usual strict AHS processes:


  • All of our delicious meals are properly prepared and safely packed for ease of use. All types of meals are available for drop-offs; individually packed breakfast, lunch or dinners, family style and cocktail appetizers.

  • By using only our most trusted suppliers, keeping a small core of staff and receiving all our deliveries outside we are able to maintain the highest safety controls within our work facility.

  • In our facility our food is packed in airtight containers and put into a paper delivery bag. From there, one of our team members will deliver to your doorstep and text you upon delivery.


  • Employees will disinfect before entering your home and will wear a mask.

  • Before and after every after every catered event, we do a full sanitation of all work spaces.

  • Food Service Equipment: Plates, cutlery, glassware will be washed, sanitized and wrapped according to AHS restaurant bylaws.

  • Regular cutlery, glasses and plates, are not to be reused for refill.

  • Kitchen/Food prep area to be made inaccessible to the guests.

  • Hand washing and hand sanitizing stations for outdoor events.


  • Passed appetizers on trays in individual small serving vessels (Chinese spoon, bamboo teardrops, skewers, etc.). Guests will select the items they would like and servers will hand the items to them (Dim Sum Style)

  • Appetizer platters provided (family style) with a selection of all of the items for each family grouping/table

  • Dinner service options include individually plated small plates or individually plated courses, all served to each individual by dedicated servers.

  • Family-style (larger platters of each item for guests to share) dinner service would be an option if it is being served to dedicated family pods.

  • Allow 6 feet of separation between tables.

Please know that your food is from a trusted source, thoughtfully prepared and safely delivered.  

Be Safe – Eat Well 

Please refer to the following documents supplied by the Alberta Government.


Download link; Workplace Guidance for Business -


Download link; Guidance For Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Bars


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